Husky cart tour(14.8.-17.11.2018)

A perfect way to enjoy the thrill of mushing a husky team with your family. Our enthusiastic dogs will happily take you down the forest trail for an unforgettable experience. See the huskies prepare for the winter season and learn about their daily lives at the kennel. On this tour you will visit our modern dog friendly kennel facilities. On the tour you have a chance to drive husky cart yourself for about 30-40 min (2 persons per cart, one person driving one sitting, and change is possible in the middle of the tour). Kids will be sitting in the cart driven by the professional guide. Afterwards there will be time to mingle with the dogs!

For the animal welfare reasons, we offer husky cart rides only, if the temperature is less that +10C.

Price includes:

  • transfers to/from Rovaniemi
  • safety-and driving instructions
  • 30-40-minute drive with a husky cart (2 adults per cart, children sit in the guide cart).
  • guidance in English
  • juice and cookies
  • Arctic outer clothing, shoes, gloves,
  • informative talk about huskies



Program is taking place outside, please, dress accordingly to the weather conditions, as well as take to consideration interaction with dogs part.

Please note, that it is impossible to run dogs, if the temperature is higher than +10 C