Husky farm visit(14.8.-17.11.2018)

Kennel tour is very easy way to meet huskies and learn lots of new information about these friendly and hardworking dogs. Meet our Alaskan huskies and be awed by their amazing abilities. The Huskies love to be petted and they will be very happy to meet you and your family. You will get a chance to interact with our dogs.  

A guided tour of our modern dog friendly kennel facilities and a fascinating view into the life of huskies and their mushers. The mushers will be happy to give you short ride with a cart depending on the weather conditions. During the ride guide is driving and you will be sitting in the comfortable cart.

Price includes:

  • Transfers to/from Rovaniemi
  • Guided 90 minute kennel tour, 800m husky ride with cart (Guests seated and a guide driving, and only available weather permitting)
  • Juice, Cookies, informative talk about huskies.


Please, check with the sales desk for your pick up place and time. It is very important to inform us your accommodation and mobile phone number, in case we need to contact you in Rovaniemi. Taxi driver will look for you by your name, please, make sure you are in the right taxi.

Program is taking place outside, please, dress accordingly to the weather conditions, as well as take to consideration interaction with dogs part.

Please note, that it is impossible to run dogs, if the temperature is higher than +10 C