Rovaniemi, Lapland Private Aurora Hunting Photography Tour

The most luxurious, private aurora hunting experience in Rovaniemi, Lapland!

This tour is designed for those who value privacy, exclusivity and tailor-made experiences.

The Private Aurora Photography tour can be tailored according to your personal dreams and wishes, and locations and route of the tour will be scheduled accordingly. Whether you want to have a special dinner under the stars with your significant other, or surprise your family with a special aurora tour we will be happy to make this happen as well.

This private tour lasts for 5-6 hours, which gives us plenty of time to discover the most ideal places to catch the magical auroras dancing on a winter sky. Throughout the tour you will have a professional private guide, who will teach you everything you need and want to know about the aurora. The tour will depart from Rovaniemi city centre (Access Lapland office, Korkalonkatu 19), where you will also receive all necessary winter gear to keep you nice and warm throughout the tour.