Frequently asked questions


What is the age limit for Ice-Karting?

There is no age limit for Ice-karting, but minimum height is 140cm. For children over 6 years old, but shorter than 140cm, we offer mini-snowmobiles for 29€/person. It’s operated right next to the ice track under our guide’s supervision.

Where is the Ice-Karting Track?

Our track is located at Ounaspaviljonki. It’s approximately 5 minutes by car from the city center. Transfer is always included in the price.

Can we come directly to the track?

Yes, but only if you do not need thermal clothing. If you have your own outdoor clothes and boots, you can meet our guide directly at the Ice-Karting track if you inform us beforehand.


What is the age limit for Snowmobiles?

For driving the snowmobiles, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s licence. For traveling as a passenger behind the driver, you must be at least 140cm tall. Children under 140cm must travel in the sledge. Children traveling as a passenger must pay the adult price for the safari.

How does the sledge work?

Our guide pulls the sledge behind his snowmobile. All children under 140cm must travel in the sledge. In case of very little children (0-3) the parent must travel with him/her in the sledge to secure his/her safety during the safari.

Can I drive with foreign driver's licence? 

It depends. According to Finnish law, any driver's licence issued in EU, EEU or Vienna Traffic Convention signature country applies in Finland. You can read more here. 


How far is the Aurora camp?

The camp is approximately 30 minutes by car from the city center in the middle of nowhere.

How likely it is for us to see the Aurora?

There is no 100% sure way to predict it. It depends on sun activity, weather, and many other factors. In general, October to February is the ideal observation time. In case of bad weather you can move your Northern Lights Tour to another day free of charge at latest 8 hours before the departure. (Same day until 12:30).



How does the booking work?

On the right-hand side of the page there is a booking calendar. You select the date you wish to participate and if there are more departures during the same day, you choose the preferred time. After that you select amount of participants and pick-up time&place. Then you add it to the cart and you can add another product.

When you want to check out, click on “cart” on top of the page, where you can remove selected product or purchase your tours. You will get confirmation on your e-mail. It might end up in your spam filter, so please do check spam folder as well. If you do not get the e-mail, please contact us and we will send you a new voucher. 

Do I have to book in advance?

Yes. All our activities must be booked in advance. If there is no departure yet, you must book it at latest 24 hours before the start. If you would like to join already existing group less than 24 hours before the departure, you have to come to our office at Pekankatu 4, Rovaniemi. (open Mon-Fri 9-17)

How can I join if my group is smaller than minimum?

There are two options to join if your group is smaller than minimum. Either you purchase the minimum amount (for example if the minimum is four persons and there are only three of you, you can purchase for four) or you join already existing group.

How can I check the availability?

The calendar at each product’s page shows the availability of the programs.

Why does the availability end in January 6th?

You’re looking at Christmas season. Winter season starts at 7th of January.

Can I make a booking outside of your available date/time?

Outside of our available date or time we offer private tours. Those departure are not public and have different price rates. Please contact us if you’re interested in private tour.

Can I pay on the spot?

All our activities must be booked in advance. You can book online or come directly to our office and purchase. Remember to book your tour at latest 24 hours before the departure.

How can I cancel the booking?

You can cancel your online booking by contacting us by e-mail at

Can I get a refund?

If you book 7 or more days before the activity, we return 90% of the payment. In case of less than 7 days or no-show, there is no refund.

Can you pick us up from our hotel?

All our activities start from our office at Pekankatu 4. It is very easy to move around Rovaniemi by walking, taxis or buses. If you need a pick-up for some special reason, please contact us at

Is thermal clothing included in the price?

All our activities include thermal clothing. You’ll get socks, boots, overalls and gloves. Snowmobile and karting activities also include helmets and balaclavas.

We have a vegetarian in our group, is there and option for him?

Normally not, but we can arrange it. Contact us at and there will be and meatless alternative.

What is the exact duration of the activities?

The time mentioned in the programs does not include clothes change and transfers. After the purchase you will receive a voucher where is specified at what exact time you should be at our office.

The end of the safari depends might take some 10 minutes more. It is hard to exactly predict the speed of a group, so have some small reserve after the end. If you are in hurry, remember to inform the guide.

Can we come by our own car? Do you offer free parking?

We do not offer free parking in the city center. If you would like to come directly to Ounaspaviljonki for Ice-karting, remember that we provide thermal clothing and boots in the city center. If you do not need them and have your own, inform us in advance and you can come directly there. There is free parking for our customers at the Ice-Karting track.

I have not received the confirmation e-mail after the booking. What should I do?

The confirmation might have ended in your e-mail’s spam filter. Try to check that and if you don’t find it, please contact us at and we will send you a new one.