Our private track is 500m long with great high-speed straight and tough corners for drifting. There are plenty of spots for overtaking.  

Mini-snowmobile track for kids 6-10 years old is 100 meters long and children drive under non-stop supervision of our guide. 


Yet still, safety is our main priority. When we build the track, we always remember to take care of sharp corners and faster straights. We build a snow wall to protect from damage and injuries if a kart ends up outside of the track. Spectators have limited approach to the track and observe from safe distance. All drivers wear protective gear including helmet. Should still something happen, our guides have first aid schooling and know well what to do and what not to do to minimize all risks. 

Mini-snowmobile track is even safer. We can tie the mini-snowmobiles so our guide can slow down or even stop the machine if the kid looses control over it. 

 How to get there?

Ice Karting always includes warm clothing and transfers from and to the city center. If you come from somewhere else than city center or do not need warm clothing, please contact us via e-mail. 

Children under 6 years old 

We offer mini-snowmobiles for children 6-10 years old, but what if your little one is younger? For safety reasons we cannot let too little children drive the mini-snowmobile, however younger children were never bored during Ice-Karting. The amazing thing about little kids is that they will always find something fun to do. There is lots of snow and whole area is quite far from the main road, so they can play safely nearby. 


We have a teepee-like structure called "kota",  where we always have open fire and we serve warm juice. All our visitors can come to warm up.