Ounaspaviljonki Ice Resort

Ounaspavilion is a great place to spend the day. It is located in the middle of nature which will allow you to discover the beauty of Lapland during many fun activities. There you will be able to go on a snowmobile safari, to go Ice fishing, to hunt the Northern lights and even to take part in an ice karting race.

With Access Lapland, you will also be able to spend a magical night in an igloo. Not only will it allow you to admire the beauty of nature, it will also give you the opportunity to be amazed by the Northern lights from a unique point of view.

Ice adventure resort

We are located 5 minutes from Rovaniemi City Center, on the riverbank which gives us a beautiful surrounding and direct access to the nature. Ounaspaviljon has a great environment to spend your day during any season of the year. There is something for the whole family. We are accessible by car, bike, on foot, on skis or by snowmobile.

Our Ice karting track is a private 500-550m long with great high-speed straights and tough corners for drifting. There are plenty of spots for overtaking. When we build the track, we always remember to take care of sharp corners and faster straights.

Glass Igloo

What a better way to take in the marvelous scenery of Lapland’s nature than from an igloo in the middle of nature. Take time to disconnect  and appreciate the beauty of the forest and the sky. From the windows of your igloo, the view on the auroras during a dark winter nigh should be breath-taking. A night in the igloo will be a wonderful opportunity for you to immerse yourself in nature while enjoying the comfort of a warm bed. We offer quality bed linen for a relaxing and unique moment.

Thanks to a hole in the floor of the glass igloo, you will also be able to have fun and go fishing without even leaving the room.

Ice karting and snowmobile

Ice karting is a fun way to enjoy the thrill of speed. Ice karts are similar to their indoor karting cousins, with the exception of more powerful engines and studded tires.

Experience the Lappish nature by driving a snowmobile over frozen rivers and through snow covered forests.

Ounaspaviljonki location

Ounaspavilion has a great environment to spend your day during any season of the year. The area has a sunny sand beach, three beach volleyball courts, a tennis court and renovated children’s playground. Café Ounaspaviljon is available for rental during spring, summer and autumn for weddings, birthday celebrations, business events, etc.

In winter, our location in the heart of nature gives us a direct access to the snow covered forest and the iced river. Thanks to our winter activities, the whole family will have fun and enjoy a moment in the nature of Lapland.