Superfood from the nature

Learn the basics about the superfoods which you can pick up totally fresh and pure from the ground. We take a ride to the Finnish countryside to pick up these healthy forest berries.

During the tour we fill up our baskets and stop for a brake to enjoy picnic snack and enjoy the beauty and silence of the Finnish nature.

The tour is family friendly, no special skills required, small group experience.


 Seasons for picking up berries:

 - Cloudberry; 17th of July to 11th of August

 - Blueberry; 17th of July to 31st of September

 - Cowberry; 1st of September to 15th of October


·          Guidance in English

·          Snack and beverages (coffee, tea, filled rye-bread, water)

·          Transfers from Access Lapland office

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