Arctic Ice Karting and Snowmobile Safari

Buckle up for an action-filled day in Lapland! Brace yourself for a thrilling fusion of two of our most sought-after experiences in Lapland, Arctic Ice Karting and Snowmobile Safari, creating an unforgettable journey through the pristine landscapes of Lapland!

Arctic Ice Karting and Snowmobile Safari

Race through icy tracks on our Arctic Ice Karting karts, experiencing the adrenaline of drifting on snow and ice. Afterwards, you will get to hop on a snowmobile to explore Lapland’s pristine landscapes, gliding through frozen lakes and magical snow-covered forests. This unique fusion ensures an unforgettable winter experience in the heart of the Arctic Circle. Please be advised that with safety in mind, we kindly request our participants to be a minimum of 5 years old to join the snowmobile safari experiences. We warmly welcome families with younger children to explore our other safaris.

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Snowmobile Safaris

Our expertise in snowmobiles, as well as our knowledge on the Arctic wilderness will ensure a magical experience for all our guests. Our snowmobile tours are suitable for families and everyone from a beginner to a more experiences driver. We’re delighted to also offer personalized snowmobile safaris, with the option to embark on week-long journeys to the northernmost reaches of Finland, complete with accommodations, meals, essential gear, and expert guides. Get in touch with us for pricing details on tailored snowmobile safari packages.