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Guided Tours in Rovaniemi Lapland

Make your holiday in Lapland truly magical by choosing Access Lapland for your adventures. Immerse yourself in the captivating wilderness through our Northern Lights Tours, Snowmobile Safaris, and Arctic Ice Karting. Rely on our professional local nature guides, whose expertise and experience ensure not only your safety but also an unforgettable adventure.

Stories from Lapland

Arctic Ice Karting

Experience the exhilaration of speed like never before amidst the enchanting Lappish winter wonderland, exclusively with Access Lapland, the largest ice karting provider in Lapland. Our ice karts, distinguished by their powerful engines and studded tires, offer a thrilling twist to traditional indoor karting. On our frozen outdoor track, the breathtaking surroundings create a one-of-a-kind setting for high-speed races, allowing you to fully embrace the magic of Lapland’s winter.

Ice Karting Track

Our exclusive track stretches over 500-550 meters, offering an exhilarating blend of high-speed straights and challenging corners perfect for drift enthusiasts. Surrounded by the enchanting winter wonderland of Lapland, our track ensures plenty of opportunities for overtaking, with a meticulous design that prioritizes both thrilling sharp corners and adrenaline-pumping straightaways, all amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Lappish winter landscape.

Snowmobile Safaris

Immerse yourself in the enchanting Lappish wilderness during our beloved customer favorite snowmobile safari, where you’ll journey across frozen rivers and through snow-covered forests, embracing the true essence of this Arctic wonderland.

Ounaspavilion Location

Ounaspavilion, the ultimate Lapland winter venue, is a snow-laden paradise set alongside a pristine frozen lake. This outdoor nature wonderland, brimming with Arctic charm, is the ideal destination for those seeking adventure and unforgettable experiences. From the heart-pounding Arctic Ice Karting to the tranquil beauty of Lapland’s snow-covered landscape, Ounaspavilion is the top choice for winter enthusiasts exploring the snowy wonders of Lapland.