Boutique Suites hotel located in the heart of Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle in Lapland. Ideal accommodation both for private guests and groups, Hotel Golden Circle Suites offers modern, spacious suites with Lappish design. Each of our suites features an exclusive private sauna and well-equipped kitchen – Ensuring the most relaxing stay in the Finnish Lapland!


Modern Accommodation in Lapland

The decor of our modern suites mirror exactly what Lapland is all about: peace, quiet and relaxation.
This is why we offer an exclusive private Lappish sauna in each of our suites.
Hotel Golden Circle Suites is located in the capital of Lapland, in Rovaniemi city centre.
All services are just a few minutes walk away from us!


Perfect for couples

Our Superior suites epitomize style and coziness. From the high-end furnishings and private sauna, the authentic Arctic ambiance distinguishes Golden Circle Suites as a comfortable, spacious, and chic place to spend your holiday in Lapland.

Room size 34 m²

Signature of golden experiences

Your home away from home

Our beautifully furnished Deluxe suites are style and coziness in harmony – with a touch of Lapland in the accessories. Each one has a modern kitchen and a soothing living room designed for maximum convenience and comfort.

Room size 46 m²

Signature of golden experiences

Plenty of room for the whole family

We live in a time when hotel rooms get smaller and smaller by the day – that’s not an issue at Golden Circle Suites! Our Family deluxe suites have separate bedrooms for parents and kids, and plenty of storage space for everybody’s belongings. Ideal to enjoy Lapland!

Room size 70 m²

Signature of golden experiences

Stylish interiors

Step into our suites and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Nordic charm. From the warmth of finely crafted wood panels to the embrace of plush and comfortable furnishings, every detail has been meticulously chosen to create an ambiance that speaks of both comfort and style. The seamless integration of stylish design elements throughout each suite promises not just accommodation but an immersive and unforgettable experience, where every corner tells a tale of thoughtful curation and a commitment to your utmost satisfaction.

Central location

Discover the prime location of Hotel Golden Circle Suites, located in the centre of Rovaniemi’s allure. Explore the culinary delights of nearby restaurants, unwind in charming local bars, and indulge in local shopping at the neighbouring shopping centers, all within easy access from your accommodation. Wander to renowned establishments, savor the cultural richness at Arktikum, and enjoy the artistic charm of Korundi, all conveniently within walking distance from your stay!