The warmth of the Finnish sauna

If you come to visit Finnish Lapland, there is one tradition that you cannot miss: the sauna! Treat yourself to the most relaxing experience and discover this huge part of the Finnish culture.

A warm sauna after a cold day in Lapland

After spending an adventure day in Lapland by driving a snowmobile, snowshoeing or experience ice fishing, what is better than enjoying a Finnish sauna?

We all know it, a good sauna is a relaxing experience, but it also helps Finnish people to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, on top of being great to clear your mind, it has been proven to be excellent for your body. When alternated with the cold of a shower for instance, the heat of the sauna will help your blood circulation and avert hypertension. This combined with the absence of technology will help you relax, improve the quality of your sleep and boost your metabolism and immune system. Yes, you will need to stay hydrated and drink water before and after your experience, but other than that, you will enjoy a warming and enchanting moment.

A Finnish tradition beloved in the whole world

Getting familiar with the sauna will allow you to experience the Finnish way of life. It is will both help you relax and understand Finland and its people. But how does it work and most importantly, how do Finnish people traditionally use it?

The first step is of course to get rid of your technological devices and drink some water. The second step is to take all your clothes off. Indeed, Finnish people tend to prefer to experience the sauna naked, so don’t be surprised if you find out that people don’t wear bathing suits in public saunas. If you are not comfortable with nudity, don’t worry ! In Finland, it is easy to find a private sauna or a sauna reserved to men or women.

After that, it is up to you! You can either have a deep and meaningful conversation with your friends or reflect on your thoughts and relax. Finns will usually take small breaks to have a refreshing shower and breath some cooling air. Another good way to cool down is of course to jump in the snow. It can seem extreme, but the sensation is incomparable and guarantees a unique moment. If you are found of these sensations, Rovaniemi is the perfect place for you! Indeed, you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself and jump in the freezing water of the river.

To take your sauna to another level, there is nothing better than a good massage. For this, you can use stones or a more typical device, branches!

The traditional Christmas sauna

In Lapland, Christmas is a big deal and the sauna also has its special place in the tradition of the best event of the year. So how do Finnish people enjoy their sauna at Christmas?

First of all, they decorate the space around the sauna to make it extra Christmassy. They are then able to start the holiday season by a sauna shared with the family. On Christmas Eve and Christmas day, they usually go to the sauna early in the morning for a good start to the day, and before dining. A nice way to increase the appetite before enjoying great Finnish Christmas food. It is also said that the evening sauna will therefore be warm for Santa’s elves that will come and visit for Christmas.

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