An educative and relaxing visit of the Arktikum

If you visit Rovaniemi, discovering the Arktikum Science Center and Museum is a must. Learn about the Arctic life, its people and history and more importantly, have fun!

A stunning building surrounded by beautiful gardens

Before even entering the Arktikum, take a minute to appreciate the beauty of the building. If you take a stroll around, you will enjoy a nice moment in the gardens. A little walk is enough to admire the lake, cross a quaint bridge to reach a lovely point of view on the Ounasjoki river and walk in the middle of the trees. It is also the best way to have a look at the architecture of the museum. The architects did a great job at creating a grand science center that will impress you as well as invite you to come in. The high ceilings are of course an important feature but the main and most beautiful one is the glass window that reaches the sky and comes onto the gardens.

Another interesting thing to know is that the gardens are a great location to see the Auroras from the city during dark nights.

An educational trip to Rovaniemi and the Arctic

Once inside, it is time for you to explore each and every corner of the center. The permanent exhibitions will help you understand how people, fauna and flora adapt themselves to the extreme climate of the arctic. In the Arktikum, nature is enlightened, which will allow you to discover the science behind the Northern lights as well as the rhythm of the seasons in Lapland. Another aisle of the museum will take you more deeply into the history of Rovaniemi and its region. Not only will you come out of there knowing more about the Lapland war and the beginnings of winter sports, but you will also have encountered Lappish figures and normal people through many testimonies and stories.

An interactive approach to take a step into the arctic culture

The Arktikum Science Center and Museum is a real experience and to make the best of it, there are some steps that you cannot miss.

SEE : In one of the rooms, you will find a cinema where a video showing the beauty of the seasons in the Arctic is projected. In another one, you will be invited to lie down and admire a video of the auroras for a relaxing moment. The museum also focuses on education and different displays will allow you to see Rovaniemi on a different scale and to feel like you’re meeting with a life size polar bear.

TOUCH : What a better way to learn than by using your senses? Touching the ice or the fur of different animals at different periods of the year will help you get in the arctic atmosphere.

EAR : Everything in the museum allows you to escape in another world. Thanks to different sounds, you will have a better idea of what it is to live in the arctic. Stories of Finnish people told by their own voices, recordings of animal sounds, the noise of a snowmobile on its way to the forest… These are some of the things that you will hear in the Arktikum.

PLAY :  Having fun is always a good way to test your knowledge and learn even more. That’s why the centre offers to take part in games and on-screen tests that add a real asset to the experience.


A peaceful moment in Arktikum Café

Conclude your visit by enjoying a Finnish Pula, a delicious cinnamon pastry, in the Café. This cosy place located at the entry of the building offers various Finnish delicacies that will warm you up before heading outside!

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