Sunrise and Sunset in 3 hours

There are not many countries in the world where you can live this kind of experience. Waking up at nine when it is still pitch-black outside, seeing the sun show up at 11:30 and kissing it goodbye three hours later is a surprisingly unforgettable event. In most European countries, the night starts to fall a bit sooner in winter, but it is definitely not comparable to the rhythm of the days in Lapland. Let us tell you about this beautiful -and short- day.

A memorable day in Lapland

After 3 weeks in the polar nights, the sun came out on January the 3rd 2021 in Rovaniemi for a great show. During these three weeks, the day light was only present a few hours a day, sometimes only reaching us two hours and a half between 11:30 and 13:30. And talking about light nearly feels like bragging as the sun that was totally hidden by the clouds flying low in the sky. It gave December a cosy and dreamlike atmosphere that was both unusual and agreeable for foreigners. And even though we were not sad about it, it turned the return of our old friend the sun into a very special moment.

On this 3rd of January, the sun wasn’t planned on schedule which is why it was such a great surprise! We took the time to admire it and to enjoy the present that was offered to us for a very good beginning of the year 2021.

It was very exciting to discover Rovaniemi under such beautiful colours. Every bridge, every tree and every house seem different under the sun. It is the best time to enjoy a walk along the river and take time to appreciate these new landscapes. The snow shines with the sun reflexion and everything sparkles. It feels like the City gets her new coat out for the season.

The general atmosphere is special on this kind of days. The locals go out to enjoy the light and take some vitamins, and everyone is amazed by this nature show. It is a good reminder that sometimes what we appreciate the most is what we have missed for a while.

The magic of Lapland

It is unbelievable to watch a sunrise and a sunset in between 3 hours only. If you do not come from a northern country, it is a real adventure itself. You end up feeling lucky to be at the right moment at the right place. This magical moment makes you feel like you received a gift from Nature that you will never forget.

When in Finland, you will realise that Lapland has a lot to offer; nature is changing all the time and there is always a new scenery to discover. Finnish people are used to saying that Lapland has 7 seasons: we can visit Lapland during the polar nights, the midnight sun or in between, but in each case the spectacle is amazing. Such adventures are priceless.

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