Catching Northern Lights in Rovaniemi

When preparing your to do list for your visit in Northern Finland, one thing that might appear is the unique experience of seeing Northern lights. It is no surprise when we know that in the North of the country, they show themselves nearly every night of the year. Coming to Rovaniemi may be the opportunity for you to live a life changing experience.

The explanations to a mystery

The auroras have always been a mystery and a phenomenon that piques the curiosity of the ones that witness them. As more and more beautiful pictures have been shared in the world, living such an experience has become the dream of millions of people. But how can we explain this spectacle?

We now know that electronically charged particles coming from the sun leads to the appearance of Northern Lights. To be more precise, the agitation of several atmospheric gases by solar wind forms the show of lights and colours we can admire in the sky. But over the years, the phenomenon has found many explanations and started many legends.

Some cultures celebrate the Auroras and see them as sign from their gods. Some others believe that they are the representation on earth of souls and ghosts. They can be both feared and respected.

In Finland, they are said to be created by arctic foxes which is why the word for Northern Lights in Finnish is “revontulets”, word that we can literally translate “fire fox”.

Whatever explanation you choose to believe in, the experience you could live if you catch a glimpse of the Aurora will definitely be awesome!

Rovaniemi: a good place to hunt the Aurora

You will probably hear it often, to find the Auroras in Finland, you need to go North. Rovaniemi may not be the highest point on the map, but it is still a great place to start your Northern Lights adventures.

Here are a few tips to maximize your chances to spot them:

You can use mobile apps that will alert you when the chances of seeing the aurora are high in your area. They can also inform you about the visibility and the clouds in the sky, but do not hesitate to check this yourself! A dark sky filled with stars is a good sign.

Leaving the center of the city will help you. Indeed, because of the light pollution produced by the buildings, you could miss the chance to see Auroras at night. You can of course take your car and drive far from the city, but you will also find that some places in Rovaniemi are far enough from the center to become a good point of view.  Walking on the river when it is completely frozen and safe is also a beautiful way to live this moment. You will just have to be careful and make sure that you stay where the ice is thick and secured.

Prepare yourself carefully and stay outside for a while. An impressive Northern Light could appear before your very eyes and disappear in the next instant. Therefore, the longer you stay out, the more chances you will get to lay an eye on those beauties. You may think that staying outside at night is not the most pleasant experience but let me tell you: it’s all about preparation. Pile up the coats of warm clothes, bring a hot drink and a nice snack, keep moving while waiting and you will spend a wonderful moment far from your everyday life.

A truly magical experience

A lot of people say it: seeing the Aurorae is a life changing experience. This mystical phenomenon will mesmerize you and you will end up thanking Mother Nature for this special gift. If you are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, the colours and dances of these lights will live in your memory forever.

Also bear in mind that some Northern lights are stronger than others and that the conditions are not always ideal. So, if it is not your lucky day, be assured that your night will still be memorable. It is usually a fun and exciting experience to walk in the darkness, in the middle of nowhere. The excitement is not comparable to anything else. If the sky is clear but the aurora is not strong enough, you will see the sky full of stars. Amazing.

Go Aurora hunting with Access Lapland

Thanks to the knowledge of the local guides of the company, Access Lapland will help you realize your Northern Lights dreams. Not only will they give you advice to maximize your chances to see the Aurora Borealis, but they will also offer you an activity adapted to your preferences. Indeed, with Access Lapland, you will be able to choose between several types of tours. Go explore the Finnish night by car, sleigh, or snowmobile, you will not regret it!


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