Paying a visit to Santa before Christmas

During winter, if there is one landmark not to miss when in Rovaniemi, it is Santa Claus Village! It is the one and only place in the world where, after drinking a hot chocolate and going on a reindeer sleigh ride, you can meet the real Santa and discover his official post office. Come and read about our experience.

Meeting Santa Claus

Why do we all want to come to Santa’s village? To cross the Arctic Circle limit listening to Christmas music, admire all the lights illuminating wooden houses and shops, see the bigger Christmas tree ever. You can do all of that and way more. After a quick walk through Father Christmas’ workshop, his nice helpers will lead you to meet him and have a little chat with him. If you want to, you will be able to leave the place with a picture and a video of the encounter but believe us, the encounter itself is worth it.

Reindeer sleigh ride

The most magical landmark of Rovaniemi is a real village, you can wander around and discover the beautiful house of Mrs. Santa Claus or eat salmon in an atypical restaurant. But one thing that you surely haven’t experienced yet is going on a sleigh ride with Santa’s reindeers. They will take you around the village for a fun activity that you will never forget!

Santa’s Post Office

If you have ever sent a letter to Santa Claus, that’s where it arrived! Santa’s official post office is a great and cosy place where you can take your time to write a nice postcard to your family and friends and of course your letter to Santa…

You will also find out that this place is bustling with activity! Santa’s elves are there, working around you in a jolly spirit and classifying the letters from every country in the world.

Hot chocolate and souvenirs in Santa Claus Village

When arriving to Santa’s Village, you will be amazed by the atmosphere of this magical place where Santa decided to locate his office. And what a better way to start the day than enjoying a nice hot chocolate? Then we recommend strolling around some of the souvenir shops that will make you feel just as if you were visiting Santa’s workshop.

Nature walk around Santa’s village

There are plenty of things to do in Santa’s village but the great thing about this place is that you can also be amazed by its surroundings. Indeed, the forest is never too far and going on a walk in the Lappish nature is a beautiful way to complete your days. Our tip is to make the most of the natural daylight to enjoy a walk in the forest around the village and then come back to admire the lights and decorations gleaming in the night!

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