A cultural tour of Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is a great place to meet Santa, experience some crazy outdoor activities and enjoy the Lappish way of life, but this city also has interesting places to visit. If you enjoy discovering the culture and art of the world, why don’t you plan a visit to the museums of Rovaniemi?

The Arktikum Museum and Science Center

The Arktikum is a real landmark of Rovaniemi. Its location on the riverbank, its gardens and its architecture will impress you and invite you to come in. By visiting it, you will learn about the Arctic life, its people and history and more importantly, have fun !


The Science Center Pilke

When in Rovaniemi, don’t miss one of the major cultural attractions and learn about the Northern Forests in the Science Center Pilke! You will be surprised by this unique experience that will allow you to walk through the exhibitions and explore current forest issues.

This experience is ideal for the whole family: you will learn many ground-breaking facts about the forests of the world and the forest in Lapland. You will understand the special link between Finnish people and the forest while discovering what an important part of the economy it is for the country.

In the impressive main room of the center, you will discover various fun exhibitions to experience with children: karaoke singing to have fun and understand importance of the forest the in music culture, playing with wooden toys and learning sustainable habits through games. You will see how different woods can be used and how they are transformed. The whole family will also have fun discovering the feeling of driving huge machines used in the wood business.

In Pilke, all your senses will be used. You will touch different kinds of wood, ear the noises of a dark forest and sing nursery rhymes that will put you in a good mood.

Korundi House of Culture

Korundi House of culture gathers in a beautiful historical building Rovaniemi Art Museum and Lapland Chamber Orchestra. In this red brick old post bus depot that survived World war II, art lovers will be amazed by original creations from all over the world.

Follow the path and you will discover paintings, videos, music, pictures, sculptures, and way more kinds of art pieces. The exhibitions come and go, turning the museum into a new place at each of your visits! Enjoy a calming moment in this elegant space and end your visit with a nice drink at the stylish Korundi Kitchen & Café.

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