Ranua Wildlife Park, an excursion from Rovaniemi

If you are passionate about animals, you will surely enjoy a visit of the Ranua zoo. In this wildlife park located in the middle of the forest, you will have the chance to admire 50 different species of arctic animals. A great way to spend the day with your friends and family!

A nice excursion to the forest

During your stay in Rovaniemi, why don’t you take a day to visit Ranua Wildlife Park? Located in Southern Lapland, approximately one hour away from Santa’s city, this park will welcome you and invite you to meet new friends. From Rovaniemi, it is easy to access by car or by bus. After a beautiful road trip in Lapland, take the time to enjoy the walk in the forest while observing many animals you’ve never seen before!

An encounter with the polar bear

During your visit to Ranua, you might study small animals like the stoat, impressive birds like the golden eagle, and beautiful wolves. But you will also have the rare opportunity to watch from a distance the only polar bears in Finland. In Ranua, these animals who live on the coasts of arctic regions found a safe place to live in a world where climate change does put their lives in danger. This is why they are part of the European Endangered Species Program. In an environment such as Ranua, the polar bear is protected and lives a comfortable life. Do not hesitate and pay a visit to these rare animals in the middle of the Finnish nature.

An educative discovery of arctic species

Thanks to the diversity of species living in the zoo, you and your little ones will learn a lot about the 200 animals living in Ranua. Not only will you have the chance to see arctic foxes, boreal owls and fish otters, but you will also learn about their habits and natural environment. You will indeed discover how important it is for this wildlife park to host their guests in spacious fencings resembling their natural habitat. Animal protection is a real concern in Ranua and some of the animals you might see are hurt animals who found shelter in this park. The mission is clearly to nurse and preserve the unique arctic fauna.

Another focus of the zoo is to spread a message of sustainability. Travel and visit new places in a sustainable way is possible and Ranua shows it through an outdoor exhibition that underlines simple sentences about the world and its wonderful nature.

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