The Finnish tradition of Ice fishing

It may be hard to imagine if you are not coming from a Northern country, but in Lapland lakes and rivers turn into great tracks for fun activities in winter. As the temperatures go down, the water starts freezing and reach a point where it is possible to walk on the ice. Let us tell you about all the possibilities that these frozen surfaces offer.

Walking on ice

It is always a pleasure to enjoy a moment outside on a sunny winter day, but if you want to do it in an original way, why don’t you take a walk on the frozen river of Rovaniemi? You will of course have to be careful and be sure that the ice is thick enough to support heavy weights, but once you see every local enjoying a walk on some parts of the river, do not hesitate and join them! If it seems up your street, what we recommend is to ask the tourism office the places to avoid and the most secure places, they will surely know how to advise you.

Another option is to surround yourself with a professional local guide that will help you choose an activity on ice that suits you. You could choose the simplicity of a walk, go cross country skiing or snowshoeing, enjoy the speed of a snowmobile and last but not least, go ice fishing!

A peaceful moment on the river

When in Finland, you will notice that Finnish people love any activity that will make them feel relaxed. They take the time to breath and enjoy the simple things in life. Ice fishing is one of those things. It is an activity that will allow you to admire the nature that surrounds you and to take some time for yourself.  Why don’t you give a try to one of the most Finnish activity you could find?

The love story between Finns and Ice fishing goes back a long time. It is a rich and simple experience that gives a great opportunity to slow down, reflect on your thoughts and enjoy a quiet moment. Local people are used to saying that catching a fish isn’t the purpose, it is a bonus. Of course, coming back from an ice fishing adventure with beautiful fresh fish is amazing, but even if nothing bites, the stories you will share will be great to tell.

The process of the Finns favourite activity

Firstly, it is good to know that you will not need any licence to go ice fishing because this activity falls within the scope of public rights of access.

Then you may be wondering how on earth we can fish on a frozen river or lake. Well this is actually quite simple, as long as you have the right tools and some patience. For your ice fishing trip you will need an ice auger, a rod and a jigging lure with bait. You should also bring an ice-fishing stool and, as always, warm clothes. It is indeed likely that you will spend a moment outside in the cold, so to enjoy your experience, you will need to pile up the layers of clothes.

Depending on where you will go ice fishing, you could end up catching a perch, the national fish of Finland, zander, whitefish or even arctic char. While waiting for your lucky moment, you could enjoy a nice picnic on the ice and share a nice moment with your friends and family. Rovaniemi has the best place to do that. Indeed, near the river you will find a Lavu where you will be able to cook your food while making the most of the view.

Go ice fishing with Access Lapland

Access Lapland provides activities and tours in Rovaniemi. Thanks to their local guides, you will learn all you need to know to spend the greatest moment and maybe catch some delicious fish!


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