Fun packed activities in Ounasvaara

Located at less than 3km from the city center of Rovaniemi, Ounasvaara is a magical place that will allow you to discover the natural landscapes of Lapland through many fun outdoor activities.

About Ounasvaara

Ounasvaara is a great place to visit in Rovaniemi, firstly because it is easily accessible from the city center but also because, as soon as you enter the forest, you will forget how close you are from the city. In this recreation area, you will be able to practice many fun activities all year round. The different trails will marvel you by their beauty as you experience great adventures on the hill. In the summer, going for a hike in the dazzling nature is a must and, in the winter, each and every one of you will be able to choose your favourite activity between a wide range that includes downhill and cross country ski, snowboard, snowshoes, fat bike, and a lot more.

Snowshoeing in Ounasvaara

Today, we are going to tell you about a really entertaining winter activity that can appeal to the whole the family: snowshoeing. It may seem like a simple activity as you are “just” walking in the snow, but believe us, in Ounasvaara it can become an enjoyable experience that you will remember forever. Indeed, it is common in Rovaniemi that after a few days of snow, the grounds is completely covered by a thick coat of powder snow. This is the best time to go snowshoeing and discover some untouched landscapes in the forest. Thanks to your equipment, you will be able to leave the tracks and explore new places. Play in the snow, run, and take a moment to look up and appreciate the fascinating beauty of the snow-covered trees. You might even encounter new friends as you spot a cute squirrel or an arctic hare.

A typical winter picnic experience

Ascending to the Ounasvaara Hill will lead you to breath-taking points of view where Finnish people usually gather to appreciate a hot drink and a bite. After a good walk in the forest, there is noting more enjoyable than preparing and tasting good food around a nice campfire while admiring the view. Prepare your fire with some logs found in the woodshed, find some good sticks in the forest and all you will need to do is wait for the food you have brought to cook slowly on the fire. We recommend bringing some sausages with bread, cheese, and sauce to prepare a very special hotdog. And of course, to end on a sweet note, marshmallows always are a good idea. Another good thing to prepare before going is a hot drink. You could play it safe and bring some tea, but here in Finland you will also find hot juice, glögi and hot chocolate. Just pick your favourite!

Don’t forget your sledge

Going up the hill and arriving to a wonderful view is bound to be a great moment, but if you want to plan the descent ahead, just bring a sledge.

You will notice it, in Lapland sledges are a common means of transport. Parents us it to bring their kids to school, people play with it in the city and people use it to bring their groceries home. Our best advice is to bring it to Ounasvaara. The climbs there aren’t too steep, around 10 degrees at the most, which makes it perfect for the sledge. After checking that no one is in the way, you will have the best time and enjoy crazy sensations. A good proof that you don’t need much to spend priceless moments.

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