3,2,1… Ice Karting in Lapland!

The Finns don’t stop to enjoy the outdoors when it is freezing cold outside. They know for sure how to blend with the amazing nature to enjoy winter activities. Karting is a fun activity in summer, why not enjoying it in winter as well? Let’s experience Karting on icy tracks!

Challenge yourself and others with Ice Karting

If you have ever tried karting, you know how fun this activity can be. Now imagine driving these machines on ice. Trust us, the sensations alone are crazy! Controlling the speed of your vehicle and sliding just at the right time so as to beat your opponents will be important if you want to win the race. Bring a group of friends and family and feel the excitement of competing against time, other drivers, and yourself.

For those of you who do not know how to drive a kart, do not worry, this activity is very entertaining and intuitive. Go to your own pace and try to beat the clock! The ice karts have studded winter tires with spikes to enjoy racing in ice and snow.

Enjoy Karting on Ice in Rovaniemi

Access Lapland is the biggest Karting on Ice provider in Lapland! The company operates from OunasPavillion which is located by Ounasjoki river, 5 minutes from Rovaniemi City Center. The area is in the heart of nature and offers a great view on the frozen river. The private track is 500-550m long and is designed to optimize the driving experience. There are plenty of high-speed straights, tough corners for drifting and spots for overtaking. You will receive driving and safety instructions before jumping on karts for racing sessions. Secure your starting position and qualify yourself with the best lap-time before competing.

Fun activity for all the family

For Access Lapland the safety of the customers is a priority. Snow walls are built on the track to protect from damage and injuries if a kart ends up outside of the track. Spectators are allowed, so you will be able to keep great souvenirs from your experience, however, they will be asked to observe from a safe distance. Even if the approach is limited, the spectacle will be great and exciting.

The children can experience the fun as well on their mini snowmobiles. You will make real pilots of your little ones and watch them play safely on their own vehicles. A nice way to enjoy the cold weather of Lapland surrounded by all your friends and family.

As always for winter outdoor activities, you will spend an awesome moment if you take some precautions. Don’t forget to dress up warmly! Pile up the layers of comfy clothes and you will be good to go.


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